Warning! Participating in GovGen doesn’t require sharing your private key. No GovGen related tool or platform should ask you to provide mnemonic seed phrase. If any GovGen related action requires you to share your private key or mnemonic seed phrase, it may be an attempt to steal your account credentials.

Get Involved

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If you understand the importance of hub minimalism for security and scalability, get involved! Contribute by signing up for a GitHub account (if you don’t have one already) and head over to theAtomOne repo.

You can join an existing discussion by clicking on “Issues,” selecting the topic that interests you, and adding your comment, or you can open a new discussion by starting a new Issue or creating a Pull Request. If you’re interested in participating in governance discussions, the dedicated community forum to submit proposals and check ongoing draft proposals is ingovgen-proposals repo.Contribute to the discussion and help shape the potential outcome of AtomOne! To apply to become a validator on the GovGen chain post-launch, please first submit your validator PR in the dedicatedvalidator repository.The initial Genesis for the GovGen chain has been published, and the GovGen chain has been launched, but you can still create your validator using your GOVGEN tokens and validate on the chain post-launch. Eligibility to become a validator is subject to certain requirements, limitations, and exclusions.

Alternatively, join the conversation on ourDiscord channel.

Essential Resources and Information

IMPORTANT: Participating in GovGen requires sharing only your public keys, NOT your private keys. In connection with GovGen, you should never be asked to share your private key or any seed or recovery phrase. This means that you should never be contacted by email, phone call, or other form of messaging, nor receive instructions or a request to share your private key or seed or recovery phrase. Any request for your private key or seed or recovery phrase should alert you immediately to potential fraud. Beware of bad actors who seek to obtain access to your wallet or digital identity. Keeping your private key and seed or recovery phrases secure is critically important, and failure to do so could result in theft of your digital identity and loss of whatever you may own, including digital assets, that are associated with your digital identity. Certain statements included on this website (or in any linked materials) are forward-looking statements. Please visit the Terms of Service page for further details about eligibility and your usage of the GovGen website.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this website is, and nothing on this website is intended to be, an offer of tokens or securities.