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May 28, 2024

AtomOne Constitution - Update on Progress

AtomOne Constitution - Update on Progress


The future AtomOne community has consistently expressed its support for the establishment of a Constitution. This energy led to the creation of the AtomOne Constitution Working Group, a group of ~28 community members working to create the foundational Constitution for the AtomOne chain. Together with the support of the All in Bits team, the Working Group met for 4 continuous weeks to develop the first draft of the proposed AtomOne Constitution.

The Constitution Working Group made significant progress in developing the proposed AtomOne Constitution, which aims to establish clear guidelines in terms of the community's rights, liberties, obligations, governance, economics, and implementation of the proposed AtomOne blockchain. The collaborative spirit and engaging conversations that have taken place thus far indicate the contributors' commitment to establishing a constitution that is technically sound, inclusive, transparent, and in line with our community's broader values and needs. An overview of the progress and work completed thus far can be found here: AtomOne Constitution draft.

The draft AtomOne Constitution is only the first step; input from the broader community is required to refine and finalize our Constitution. To that end, a number of specialized working groups will be needed to address certain subjects in greater depth. These working groups, comprised of individuals selected based on their expressed interest and expertise, will focus on addressing the following issues in greater detail.

AtomOne Constitution - Proposed Working Groups

1. Treasury DAOs

The Treasury DAOs Working Group will focus on the establishment of transparent and accountable Treasury DAOs. Key tasks will include initiating operational protocols, defining membership criteria, and outlining the roles and responsibilities for DAO members, oversight committees, and executive boards. This group will address vital governance aspects such as member removal procedures, disclosure processes for multiple addresses, and the establishment of accountability mechanisms. Additionally, this group will develop the legal frameworks and reporting requirements necessary to institute, monitor and control budgets on-chain.

2. Rights, liberties & obligations

This Working Group will be responsible for the provisions of the AtomOne Constitution that establish Cosmonaut rights and obligations, as well as the duties of AtomOne Hub required for the enforcement of these.

3. Conflict resolution

This Working Group will be tasked with developing the dispute resolution mechanisms for the AtomOne Hub, ensuring fairness, transparency, and adherence to the constitution. A key focus of this group will also be to evaluate the establishment of "Decentralized Arbitration Courts" as a means to efficiently and impartially address conflicts among Cosmonauts.

4. Governance

The Governance Working Group will work to refine governance mechanisms by integrating existing governance rules, defining conditions for expedited proposals, establishing dynamic quorum requirements, enhancing user-facing interfaces for voting transparency, and clarifying the Supermajority and Constitutional Majority thresholds. Another major point of focus will be the establishment of mechanisms for constitution enforcement.

5. ATONE Token

The ATONE Token Working Group's primary focus will be optimizing the functionality of the proposed ATONE token within the AtomOne ecosystem, addressing key elements such as dynamic inflation rate, delegation flow, improving the tax assessment of staking, and refining slashing penalties for validator misconduct. Procedures for addressing software-related mis-slashing will also be defined.

6. PHOTON design

The PHOTON Working Group will be responsible for clarifying implementation of the proposed PHOTON token design. They will be responsible for establishing clear issuance and redemption mechanisms for the PHOTON token, specifying any reward mechanisms, and ensuring the integrity and security of the ATONE staking distribution relative to the bonded ATONE tokens underlying the PHOTON tokens. Additionally, the group will also work on defining any governance mechanisms specific to the PHOTON token, and the limitations of liquid staking on the AtomOne economic zone.

The goal of the proposed AtomOne Constitution is to create a fair, transparent, and decentralized governance framework that aligns with the community's values while supporting the sustainable growth and operation of the proposed AtomOne blockchain.

We are looking for volunteers to join any of the aforementioned working groups. If you support this initiative and would like to contribute, we encourage you to register. Your expertise and dedication will be warmly welcomed and highly valued as we continue to shape the future of the proposed AtomOne project together.

Working Group Application Form

As we make progress with the working groups, we may create additional working groups or refactor them. The changes will be displayed below.

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